iMP launches iMPfluencers

iMPfluencers-Nano-Influencer-AgencyWhile consumer face-to-face brand activation is temporarily on hold due to lockdown and Covid restrictions, iMP have ‘pivoted’ to create a new influencer service, iMPfluencers.
Using the power of their sampling and promotional staff, iMP have built a network of Instagram nano influencers.
Nano influencers are the sector’s fastest growing influencer group, typically having fewer than 5000 followers and therefore a more authentic, trusted and genuine peer network who are interested in their stories.
This results in a much higher engagement rate for the brands and products they’re sharing.
Through the iMPfluencer platform and service, the creators post content and reviews about actual products and brands which are sent to them by post.
Managing Director, David Gibbons, said “Back in late 2020 we thought ‘how can we continue to service our clients without face-to-face activity but still keep our staff engaged?’ So we looked at how the real-world skillsets of our staff could be harnessed online and saw the widening gap between typical influencer content and trust on Instagram. Our iMPfluencers bridge this gap by only posting content about the things they’re really interested in. It’s real content created by real people with real lives. The best thing is that we do this at volume and scale – from 25 up to 250 influencers per campaign. And that makes a huge difference to the brand engagement. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but we think brands deserve better than what we’ve seen.”
With successful campaigns already delivered for Ritter Sport chocolate, Rock Rose Gin and Aoura beauty brand, iMPfluencers  continues to grow.
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