iZettle opens World’s first rehab centre for big brands

The Giant Corp Rehab Centre, the world’s first centre dedicated to helping people ditch their addictions to compulsive big brand online shopping, is opening in London. The centre comprises of a number of treatment sessions – from group, to shock and box therapy – which help guide guests into kicking their unhealthy shopping habits.

The Giant Corp Rehab Centre, opened by fintech company iZettle, helps people to recognise their addiction to so-called ‘one click buying’ and encourages them to ditch the giant retailers in favour of rediscovering independent businesses and supporting the local economy.

At the centre, located on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, there are a number of therapy sessions on offer:

Group Therapy On arrival patients are taken to a Group Therapy session as their first step on the road to recovery. This session allows people to come clean about the extent of their big brand online shopping addictions, encouraging them to share the highs and lows of their habit with the group, after all, admitting you have a problem is always the first step.

Digit Distraction: When your bad habit is literally at your fingertips it’s hard to quit the urge but the Digit Distraction Class, hosted by therapist and addictions counsellor Sally Baker teaches participants why they are so compelled to hit that ‘Click to buy’ button. Sally teaches distraction techniques so that patients know how to overcome their urges to shop, whether that quick click hit comes via social media, apps or websites.

Box Therapy: For anyone who’s been a victim of over packaging, this room provides the perfect relief. Patients quite literally ‘flatten their obsessions’ by crushing cardboard boxes. The nature of the repetitive behaviour is a therapy in itself.

Shock Therapy: Forget the high street, it’s more like the ‘low streets’ as this Shock Therapy session gazes into the high street of the future; a stark gallery of images that shows what the world will look like if we carry on down the road of ‘one size fits all’. This collaboration of images by artists and illustrators demonstrates how bleak and desolate our high streets will be in the future, if the ‘Giant Corps’ continue to reign strong and small businesses are forced to close.

Make My living Workshop:For the finale patients attend a ‘Make My Living Workshop’. Hosted by Selfmade small business owners, the workshops encourage patients to get involved in a creative activity such as floristry or latte art to see just what it takes to run a small business, demonstrating the hard work that’s involved for an independent business to stay afloat amongst a tide of Giant Corps.

Following their rehab stint, patients leave the Giant Corp Rehab Centre as small business champions, fully recovered from their addictions. They will also receive a treatment plan, with items from independent businesses that act as a reminder to shop local during any moments of weakness.

The Giant Corp Rehab Centre will open its doors for two days on Friday 12th October and Saturday 13th October 2018 between 10am and 5:30pm.  Entry is free for self-confessed big brand shopping addicts, tickets can be reserved here.

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