John Smith’s launch a Golden Ale for the Modern Male

John SmithÔÇÖs Golden Tanning -GOOODlittleRobbie Savage, Golden Male and Golden Ale ambassador was painted from head-to-toe in gold as he opened the John Smith’s Golden Tanning Pub, a traditional pub that’s also a tanning bar for men. The Golden Tanning Pub served John Smith’s Golden Ale and glittering golden spray tans all under one gilded roof on April 27th.   Combining elements of a traditional British free house with an authentic beauty parlour, the unique golden pop-up has been created by John Smith’s Golden Ale as part of its new ‘A Golden Ale For The Modern Male’ advertising campaign.

John Smith’s modern males were encouraged to come along to the Golden Tanning Pub, enjoy a beer and embrace all things gold.  In his role as honorary publican and golden tanning technician, Robbie Savage stripped down to his underwear, entered into the golden tanning tent and re-emerged as a living golden statue. He was then tasked with tending to the pub’s punters, offering them a golden complexion to match their John Smith’s Golden Ale.  Everything in the John Smith’s Golden Tanning Pub was golden, From the walls, tables and chairs right down to the darts set and playing cards.

Savage comments: “While I might have been cruelly overlooked for the Ballon d’Or in my playing days, being covered head-to-toe in gold paint for the day more than makes up for it. I’ve always had my golden locks, and today I’ve got an all-over Midas complexion to match. It’s the ultimate look for the modern male, and all thanks to John Smith’s Golden Ale.”

The John Smith’s Golden Tanning Pub was open to the public on Wednesday 27th April, from 6pm until 9pm, with all customers receiving up to two free samples of John Smith’s Golden Ale as well as the chance to receive a golden spray tan just like Robbie’s.

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