Kreate re-create Tobago Island experience for Manchester’s holiday seekers

hero_ad-style-littleExperiential agency Kreate has created an experience for the Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board (UK) to build awareness of Thomas Cook’s flight from Manchester to Tobago launching on 13 November 2016.

Kreate has re-created the Island of Tobago for a two-day experience at the Manchester Trafford Centre. True to Tobago, the island will embrace the tropical look and feel and visitors will be fully immersed in the culture, brought to life by an array of activities. The 13m x 5m island will have a palm tree border effect so physically creating an island within the shopping centre, with a semi-visible view of each zone to build intrigue and instil the natural topical beauty of the island. The four zones within the island will all offer a unique experience:

Relaxation – a relaxing beach setting, featuring a reception desk and our ambassadors whereby they will meet and greet guests to give them an overview of the island and the experiences they can immerse themselves in.

Adventure – a physical-digital biking challenge with prompts to showcase various sites across the island will keep the more adventurous entertained.

Nightlife – a limbo challenge accompanied by a MC and jazz music featuring videos of various popular night life locations is spot on for the party-goers.

Scuba – an opportunity for all scuba and snorkelling enthusiasts to have their photo taken behind a tropical fish tank for a scuba selfie.

Visitors will alight at the check-in desk and then travel through the zones, from one experience to another. Digital signage between zones will introduce each experience and footage relating to theme will be available on TV screens. Staff will be on-hand to answer questions, direct visitors to the dedicated microsite and capture data for those who would like more information post-event.

Visitors can take advantage of exclusive offers and take part in various competitions – including the ultimate prize of flights and accommodation for two people – and throughout the two days there will be incentive prizes for Leaderboard activity on the interactive stands. Visitors will be encouraged to share their experience with friends and family via their own personal social channels.

Activity will be supported by a social campaign geo-targeting consumers within a 60km radius of Manchester Airport with an interest in Caribbean travel.

Sheona Walker, promotions analyst, Tobago UK said: “We wanted Mancunians to live and feel our island and to really bring it alive. Kreate, the agency appointed to design the island stand, have certainly met the brief and recreated an authentic, emotive experience, which we are confident will engage with shoppers and deliver results. The Tobago Island experience allows consumers to be educated about the destination and immerse themselves in the location – before they decide to buy.”

Duncan McCaslin, MD of Kreate added: “Today’s traveller is all about seeking out new experiences. We created the Tobago Island with this in mind. An opportunity for visitors to feel the brand story and live the island experience. We’re confident the work will give the highest expression of the island.”

The Island of Tobago experience will be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October at Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

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