Krispy Kreme rewards Galactic Believers on National Doughnut Day

On June 7, Krispy Kreme is offering a complimentary Original Glazed Doughnut for customers across the UK, to celebrate those who really do believe the world is shaped like a doughnut and to commemerate National Donut Day.

Donut lovers  have to prove they are a believer.  To claim, doughnut aficionados will need to use the secret code word “I believe the world is shaped like a doughnut!”, and download a barcode to claim in-store.

The public went dough-nuts last month comparing the first ever image of a black hole to Krispy Kreme’s iconic OG, so it comes as no surprise our doughnut-loving nation are also believers of the Doughnut Earth Theory, which argues the world really is shaped like a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut!

In the name of science Krispy Kreme is embracing this weird and wonderful theory with the one-day offer and celebrating National Doughnut Day.

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