Logobrand’s Sally Davis wins at Women in Business Awards

sally-women-in-bizSally Davis. managing director of field marketing agency Logobrand (pictured second left) has won the Nottingham Post’s Women in Business award in the Small Business category. Sally Davis has led Logobrand to be a growing force on Field Marketing with a fine record at the FMBE Awards including Field Marketing Agency of the Year in 2015 and Gold in Tactical Marketing with client Tassimo in 2016.

Sally’s win is a win for Logobrand as an agency and for the field marketing industry which is collectively investing more than ever in business leadership. As Sally commented following the win it is hard for a field marketer to look at the individual beyond the team effort. She told Fieldmarketing.com

” I am always keen to get external recognition for Logobrand and my focus is always on the team – ‘Us and We’ rather than ‘Me or I’ , so I was a little bit torn on my feelings on being nominated and shortlisted for an award to recognise Sally, rather than Logobrand.
For Sally though the opportunity of the award allowed her to speak up for the role of women in business. “”Women in the Workforce” was my award winning speech, so I have always been keen to speak up for Women and the vital role that we play in industry.”

Sally continued: “I’m really proud to have been recognised for my role and achievements in my business and it was so great to meet such a mix of talented and inspirational Women at the awards, and celebrate our successes as female leaders”

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