New technology service from Maxus makes marketing as easy as Pie

AlexSteer2 [313229]littleMedia agency Maxus UK, part of WPP, has  launched Maxus Pie, a ‘plug and play’ personalised marketing technology service for marketers in small and mid-size organisations.

Designed with speed and agility in mind, Pie enables advertisers to switch it on and have it fully active in weeks rather than the two years or longer that technology procurement usually takes. It provides small and mid-size brands with the same level of data and analytics that has been the preserve of huge advertisers, helping them to target, engage and woo their customers more effectively.

Maxus Pie has four main sections:

  • Analytics & Attribution – performance analytics, advanced digital attribution and always-on reporting
  • Data Management Platform – a DMP that offers a single customer view, audience segmentation and campaign setup
  • Dynamic Content – allowing brands to build dynamic creative, personalise their content and test which content is working
  • Tracking & Verification – ad serving, ad verification/viewability and cross-device tracking.

With Maxus Pie, brands can create a single view of their digital customers and journeys; learn more about their audiences using rich third-party data in the DMP; and create audience groups and target them with the right messages and experiences – on their sites, through CRM and in media.

It also allows them to test and change content mid-campaign with dynamic creative technology and see what’s working with advanced digital attribution and reporting dashboards.

Alex Steer, head of technology, effectiveness and data at Maxus UK, comments: “Everyone’s talking about making marketing more personal, and if you’re a huge brand you can spend millions on tech, data and the staff with the skills to implement it all. But smaller brands find it hugely complicated and expensive to find the right technology and understand how it works.

“Marketers don’t want to worry about questions like ‘How do I pick my ad server?’. They want to get on with marketing. Maxus Pie lets them do exactly that.”

Maxus Pie plugs into marketers’ existing technology, filling the gaps with new capabilities. It provides better experiences for consumers by ensuring that they spend less time looking at ads that have no relevance and being retargeted by the same incorrect messages over and over again.

Alex Steer continues: “For years, data-driven personalised marketing has been beyond the reach of most brands. It’s meant spending months and years building a complex marketing technology stack and spending big on IT, services and support.

“Maxus Pie avoids all of that. It lets marketers have that single view of people so they can start treating them as people. They can see what makes audiences tick and what they’re interested in – and create communications that follow suit – without needing a PhD in ad tech.”

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