Runderwear joins Maverick Race for 2020

A new association between trail event specialist Maverick and sports comfort brand Runderwear is a great example of a trail events business and a sports brand getting together to enhance the runner’s event experience. Maverick Race events have a cosy village start-finish area where runners are encouraged to be social and stop for a chat, making the events more memorable and creating dwell time that is brand event friendly. Now the event series will offer a sports bra fitting service.
Maverick announced:
“New for 2020 we are excited to partner with Runderwear who were voted ‘Best Underwear & Socks Brand’ at the 2018 Running Awards. Runderwear are completely single-minded in their determination to make all of our running experiences more comfortable and have been recognised by Runner’s World, Women’s & Men’s Running, Outdoor Enthusiast and 220 Triathlon for doing just that.”
“The brand was born after a rather chaffing experience at the New York Marathon. Whilst Jamie (one of the two founders) was running the race he realised that whilst he had great technical outer clothing, he was wearing his usual underwear which was chafing. Jamie searched for some performance underwear, but all he could find was a pair of large Women’s Hot Pants! Not ideal! On Jamie’s return to the UK, he and Richard (other founder) started to look for good running underwear; they tried a few brands, but nothing was right, so they decided to make their own and Runderwear was born!”
“Fast forward to winning ‘Best Underwear & Socks Brand’ at the 2018 Running Awards and the Runderwear range has grown to include different styles of performance underwear, running bras, socks, base-layers and triathlon suits. They are a perfect partner for us at Maverick being British born, high quality and embedded in making the outdoors even more accessible.”
“With 50% of our runners being female we are excited to offer you a brand that caters for all of your running needs.”
“Make sure you come and see the Runderwear team at the Maverick adidas Terrex Original New Forest. They will be out in force and are bringing with them their Runderwear bra fitting station, perfect for making sure you have a perfectly fitting sports bra.”
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