Stress Matters to launch second event industry wide survey

Stress Matters, the event industry well-being accreditation scheme is launching its biennial research on 10thJune 2019 and is requesting responses from across the industry, the survey can be found here.  The previous research, conducted in 2017 found that:

  • Event industry professionals believe that 71% of their colleagues are suffering from stress.
  • 91% of respondents work more than 41 hours per week. Over 50% work more than 51 hours and over 20% work more than 61 hours per week.
  • High workload was the biggest cause of stress at 68%. Followed by unrealistic deadlines and demanding clients at 59% and 58% respectively.
  • Those that have employers that offer flexible working are 31% less stressed than those that either have to justify it or are not allowed to work flexibly.
  • 45% of respondents have not had any training and were expected to learn on the job, their stress levels were 33% levels higher than those that had some or a large amount of training.
  • 65% believe that the reputation of a company’s pro-active stress management approach will impact their future job choices.

The research aims to map the industry’s approach to the wellbeing of event teams.  It will look at the current stress levels of team members across the industry, will identify actions that are being taken by employers to manage workplace wellbeing and will track changes in the last 2 years.

The Stress Matters accreditation scheme to support the workplace wellbeing of event teams has seen positive results in reducing stress in participating teams by an average of 18%.  Businesses across all sectors of the event industry have signed up to the scheme to show that Stress Matters to them.

In response to the 2017 research, Stress Matters and Unique Venues of London are now providing event-industry focused Mental Health First Aider training. The research found that not one respondent believed that their employer would pro-actively ask them about their stress levels and 43% told us that their employer would just tell them it would pass.


This year, the Field Marketing and Brand Experience Special award focuses on wellbeing and celebrates agencies and suppliers that offer supportive environments for their teams. If your company boasts best practice in this area, enter Category V here. 



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