Nike & Unit9 help fans create inspiring personalised football posters for Women’s World Cup

unit9nikeUnit9 is helping Nike build on the excitement surrounding the Women’s World Cup with an in-store activation and digital tool that let’s fans create personalised posters of themselves as footballing legends.

The experience will run in London’s Nike Town, the Champs-Élysées store in Paris and in Berlin and Amsterdam stores. The activation is also being supported digitally through an online tool hosted on

On Sunday 16 June, a selection of the most rousing posters will be showcased for all to see at Piccadilly’s OOH site.

To create a personalised poster in-store, people are photographed in a bespoke booth and their image is composited onto a background of cheering crowds to build more on Wieden+Kennedy’s Dream Further campaign.

Posters can be further personalised by adding an inspirational strapline. Participants then receive a digital copy and an epic A2 print.

For the online experience, participants can customise a poster featuring Nike Word Cup Stars by adding their own personal dream.

Unit9’s MD, Rosh Singh, said: “We always enjoy working direct with Nike on in-store activations because it gives us a chance to unite all our multidisciplinary skills. But it’s particularly satisfying to contribute to a campaign that inspires and empowers our next generation sporting talent, particularly female athletes.”

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