Talent Village and JCDecaux partner to reveal an innovation of influence for Quay

JCDecaux has, for the first time, partnered with Talent Village and co-created a campaign of influence, across 230 screens in Paris throughout the Monoprix and monop’ showcases. The campaign, activated by true talent, was to promote Quay’s new collection of anti-blue light glasses.

Across the city, ultra HD screens illustrated the high-quality campaign library, which allowed passers-by to discover the Instagram publications of three agency-signed talent. The design also showcased the comments and likes achieved by these hyper-engaged professionals whose audience data, interests and personality successfully aligned with the brand’s target market in order to maximise results.

In total, more than 200,000 spots broadcasted the co-created content which included a call to action so that passers-by could be redirected to Quay’s website and discover the complete collection. Consequently, this influence campaign generated more than two million impressions, 6% engagement and more than 90,000 likes and comments.

Each brand has a unique fingerprint when it comes to content creation, so by developing a holistic approach that provides an always-on solution, Talent Village is able to deliver best in class creatives and offer right insights to help brands such as Quay, better engage with the modern consumer efficiently and with consistency. This original and impactful influence campaign for JCDecaux reinforces the interactivity of Social Out-Of-Home for the modern consumer. It also confirms the value behind adapting a talent-led marketing approach, which has revolutionised an industry that has otherwise faced vociferous headlines in the press forecasting its demise.

Adrien Figula, Director of Digital Out-of-Home in the Marketing, Marketing and Development Department of JCDecaux, said:

“The digitalisation of the Monoprix shop windows makes it possible to offer contextualized but also interactive and social campaigns, which reinforce the experience customer from the street. Brands can develop their image and notoriety while boosting traffic to their e-commerce platform from the street. The success of this operation with Quay demonstrates the exceptional commitment created by an amplified social campaign on JCDecaux’s DOOH screens.”

William Soulier, CEO and Co-Founder of Talent Village, said: “At Talent Village we are always looking for ways to (R)evolutionise the market, especially within this ever-changing industry. For us, this recent campaign with Quay and partnership with JCDecaux showcases the value behind our talent-led marketing approach. Consequently, we will continue to put talent in the driving seat and use a multi-channel strategy to drive real advocacy for our clients, whilst we pride co-created content that delivers maximum results and successfully engages with the modern consumer, across all brand touchpoints.”

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