TeamHaven releases its integration with Zoho Reports

According to TeamHaven, companies often face time-consuming challenges transfering their data into their chosen BI reporting tool which leads to ineffeciency and delays. The first issue being the large amount of time spent on exporting the data and then importing this into a BI tool.  This results in the data being out of date and is a very time-consuming exercise.

Another problem arrises every time there is a change in data collected or changes made to the attributes used for reporting.

For example, a new product is introduced after a project has started or a display stand is deleted in a certain range of locations. In each of these cases, the data exported now has the data displayed in different rows to accommodate the changes made in the project.  If not managed properly, the data collected will be wrongly mapped to the wrong question and project managers waste huge amounts of time checking and managing the transfer of data.

TeamHaven’s latest development takes both of these issues away with its new seemless synchronisation tool specifically tailored for Zoho Reports.

This should enable project managers to easily select the projects they want to engage and then select the specific forms and questions they want to use for their reports.  The TeamHaven synchronisation tool takes care of the rest and the data is automatically synchronised into a Zoho reporting account.

The new data points are automatically updated and changes to all of the reporting attributes engaged.

Zoho allows the user to display  interactive dashboard reports online.  Reports can also be automatically emailed and require no extra licencing fee or login credentials to view these reports and published reports are automatically transferable for all mobile devices using the Zoho mobile app.

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