Traxi service hits the streets of London

Orchard-Pig-14 littleThe iconic tractor normally spotted in fields across Britain came to Chelsea last week offering a unique taxi service.  Cider brand Orchard Pig transported the bright blue tractor up to the big smoke to offer a more laidback approach to the Friday rush hour.

With the average daily commute in London lasting 57.1 minutes, Orchard Pig decided that it’s time to make at least one part of the journey a little more bearable.  Londoners experienced an open-air commute on the back of a tractor. Normally exclusive to those residing in the countryside the ‘Traxi’ offers a step into the slow lane for all the right reasons.

The ‘Traxi’ service was trialled last week around the Chelsea area and due to the success, the brand is now looking to roll out the service to other areas of the capital.

Andrew Quinlan, founder of Orchard Pig commented: “Our Traxi service is something a little bit different. After experiencing the London rush hour – I have a 3 minute commute at home –  we knew this was an opportunity for Orchard Pig to help out and what better way to do this than offering a Traxi ride to make the journey home a little more enjoyable. In true Orchard Pig fashion, we don’t care about holding up the traffic – we just want everyone to kick back and relax while enjoying a cold, refreshing cider on the way home.”


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