iMP samples cool fragrance for So…?

So-Experiential-Sampling-1Wrapping their ice cream van in ‘So…?’ branding iMP visited 8 town and city centre locations across the UK in 10 days at the end of August and start of September managing everything from the vehicle, logistics and event spaces to staffing, health and safety and Covid-19 protocols.
Locations included Whitby, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and London.
The campaign was a mix of product sampling, experiential and PR, showcasing a new range of So…? products through an interactive ’wheel of fortune’ game, free ice creams and MONP voucher codes to drive sales.

Campaign results included:

– 3000+ quality consumer engagements
– 1400+ fragrance samples (50ml body mist spray)
– 1500+ ice cream giveaways
– 600+ MONP discount codes
iMP’s Managing Director, David Gibbons, said “Managing the logistics of how to create a socially distanced consumer campaign during this pandemic has certainly been a challenge. But now that we’ve delivered a few of these Covid-sensitive activations we know exactly how to create a roadshow that both staff and consumers can enjoy safely, while providing some on-street retail insight for other potential brands. This is reflected in what consumers told us, saying they felt confident taking part due to clearly marked social distancing, hand sanitiser stations and staff in branded masks/ visors.”
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