tallies up the most Instagrammed European football club shirts

Football shirts are an integral part of the sport as they allow fans to visually and physically support their football club. This is evident by the huge number of individuals flaunting their team’s shirt during match days, in pubs and on social media.

The Most Instagrammed Football Shirts
Rank Football Club  No. of Hashtags (#) for Clubs Shirt
1. Juventus 69,349
2. Liverpool 52,205
3. Manchester United 49,091
4. Arsenal 44,934
5. Real Madrid 43,147
6. Chelsea 41,058
7. Barcelona 40,188
8. AC Milan 21,097
9. Manchester City 20,623
10. Paris Saint-Germain 18,312
11. Inter Milan 15,004
12. Bayern Munich 11,735
13. Tottenham Hotspur 10,621
14. Roma 8,118
15. Atletico de Madrid 6,790
16. Ajax 6,625
17. Borussia Dortmund 3,986
18. Napoli 2,800

Interested in the popularity of sports jerseys, sought to discover which European football team’s shirts are the most Instagrammed. found that the Italian giants Juventus take the crown when it comes to having the most Instagrammed football shirt with an astounding 69,349 hashtags. The equivalent of 189 hashtags a day.

The ‘old lady’s’ success in the table can perhaps be contributed to the Cristiano Ronaldo effect – who’s massive global following has undoubtedly swayed many to watch and support the Turin based club since his transfer two years ago (2018).

Jurgen Klopp’s dynamic Liverpool are in second position. The iconic Liverpool jersey has accumulated a sizeable 52,205 hashtags on Instagram.

The record 13-time winners of the Premier League Manchester United rank third. The red devils’ jersey has 49,091 hashtags. Considerably more hashtags than the football shirt of their arch-rivals Manchester City (20,623).

Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid are in fifth place. The undisputed 13-time kings of European football have garnered 43,147 hashtags from fans showing off their shirts. Lionel Messi’s Barcelona are slightly below, with 40,188 hashtags for their jersey.

Moreover, the AC Milan jersey has 21,097 hashtags – 6,093 more hashtags than the jersey of fierce city rivals Inter Milan (15,004).

With superstars such as Neymar and Kylian Mbappé donning the team’s jersey, French side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are in tenth spot. The Ligue 1 champions jersey has 18,312 hashtags.

The newly crowned European champions Bayern Munich is the highest-ranking (12th) German club on the table. The jersey of the dominant Bundesliga outlet has 11,735 hashtags.

On the other end, Napoli’s jersey has 2,800 hashtags on Instagram, at the bottom (18th) of the table overall.

Luke Eales, the Managing Director of commented:

“Football shirts are ingrained in the DNA of football. They make such a vital aspect of fan experience and engagement with the sports. By wearing and posing with their jersey on social media, it showcases how proud and affectionate supporters are of their respective team.”

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