Fairy’s new digital installation shows the power of a single drop

Fairy wanted to come up with an engaging way to showcase its unique mileage messaging: ‘one drop of Fairy has the power to last and last.’  With the help of their lead creative agency, Publicis New York, they built a larger than life art installation to show just how far one drop of Fairy Liquid can go. The installation, which uses over 43,000 giant balloons or ‘bubbles’, was set up and shot in two days using drones and 360 technology, a first for any P&G homecare brand.

The 360 footage takes the consumer on an immersive journey as they watch one drop of Fairy Liquid grow and multiply into an enormous 480 cubic metre cluster of bubbles. Consumers will be able to watch and navigate the 360 video on Fairy’s own Facebook channel, where they can interact with the giant bubbles by commenting and sharing the video.

The digital installation, which is part of a wider global campaign for Fairy (UK) and Dawn (the brand name in USA), uses individual bubbles ranging from 5 inches to 36 inches in size, all made from biodegradable materials.

Victor Leal Negre, global brand director: Dish, said: “Fairy has been in kitchens across the UK since the 1950s so it’s only fitting that we take our powerful grease cutting bubbles out of the kitchen and to a larger stage for everyone to have fun with. Really bringing to life just how many bubbles one drop of Fairy can create.  We hope consumers enjoy ‘playing’ and exploring the bubbles installation online via 360 technology, while seeing the big impact a single drop of Fairy can make.”

Mark Ronquillo, EVP/executive creative director, Publicis said: The Fairy Bubbles art installation dramatizes the power of just a single drop of Fairy dish liquid in a way we’ve never seen before.”

“One of the most exciting aspects of the campaign are the digital components. For people who can’t experience the installation in person, they can experience it through the power of digital. For example, through 360 video, consumers can navigate every nook and cranny of the installation, as if they were there, in person.”

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