Hendrick’s Gin celebrates World Cucumber Day


In celebration of World Cucumber Day, Hendrick’s partners with on-trade accounts to offer customers a Hendrick’s & Tonic in exchange for a cucumber
On Wednesday 14th June, Hendrick’s Gin will recognise the true value of the cucumber by transforming the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units in celebration of World Cucumber Day.

The gin maker has partnered with select Young’s, Balls Brothers and Alchemist bars and pubs across the UK to facilitate the unorthodox transaction. The bars will accept cucumbers of any species as currency – or “bar tender” – in exchange for a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic during the world’s first dedicated ‘Cucumber Hour’.

This offering follows a scientific experiment by Hendrick’s Gin with cucumber scientist Graham Brown of the University of Sydney to quantify the true sensitivity of cucumbers – and the results revealed were astonishing. The green subjects grew larger and juicier as a result of unconventional caring methods, revealing they love rock music, loathe jazz, have a liking for the smell of dill and taste sweeter if swaddled in mini sleeping bags.

The last three months have seen green-fingered fans across the globe initiate a bond with their own cucumbers in similarly peculiar ways to cultivate them in readiness for World Cucumber Day – an annual celebration of the inimitable green fruit and its remarkable virtues.

Following the World Cucumber Day celebration, Hendrick’s scientists will be touring the country with the Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings (P.L.A.N.T.). Through a series of experiments, P.L.A.N.T. aims to extract wisdom from plants as well as educate them with human knowledge and seeks to prove humans and plants become enlightened through a bilateral connection.

Duncan McRae, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador comments, “For many years now Hendrick’s has sought to elevate the many enigmatic qualities of the unassuming cucumber, due to the role it plays in our most unusual gin alongside the Bulgarian rose.

“Mr Brown’s research illustrates that plants are intelligent and responsive. It means humans can have a deep and meaningful relationship with our most prominent infusion and preferred garnish – the cucumber. At Hendrick’s we have been dreaming of late of a wondrous world where individuals can swap the green of cash for the green of a cucumber. The sensitive green fruit should be held in high esteem as a precious commodity and in observance of World Cucumber Day, we wholeheartedly encourage trading a mighty cucumber in exchange for the most palatable of libations, a Hendrick’s & Tonic.”

‘Cucumber Hour’ will run from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday 14th June and is limited to one Hendrick’s & Tonic per person.

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