Natural Insight announces significant global adoption of its cloud-based retail execution and workforce management platform

Ahead of the 2019 holiday shopping season, Natural Insight is streamlining operations and improving in-store customer experience at more than 180,000 locations worldwide

Natural Insight has announced it has hit new milestones in terms of international adoption of its mobile platform. With more than 10 years of consecutive growth, Natural Insight is enabling merchandisers, product companies, marketing agencies and retailers in over 20 countries to improve the in-store experience, grow sales, increase ROI of a distributed workforce and capture and report on field data in real time.

According to a recent National Retail Federation (NRF) report, retail sales and jobs continue to grow despite challenging economic conditions. In fact, the NRF forecasts retail sales to reach $3.8 trillion in 2019 alone. With the busy holiday shopping season approaching, the need to manage distributed workforces and ensure exceptional customer experiences has resulted in the mass adoption of the visualisation of data to verify in-store conditions. At the forefront of this growing trend, the Natural Insight platform has facilitated more than 51 million workforce assignments at more than 180,000 locations worldwide, including the visual verification of in-store conditions through more than 73 million uploaded photos and more than 1.5 billion data points gathered by in-store workers. Natural Insight continues to expand its global footprint, with over 30 percent of its revenue from international retail organisations.

“Looking back at the last 10 years, I couldn’t be more pleased about the work accomplished by our incredible team,” said Stefan Midford, president and CEO of Natural Insight. “As we continue on our path of growth and innovation, our mission remains the same – to empower all players in the retail ecosystem to thrive and scale profitably in an ever-changing and highly competitive landscape.”

Through the Natural Insight mobile-first platform, workers are empowered to be more productive anytime and anywhere. By streamlining workforce assignments – such as clocking in and out, task management and in-store condition reporting – Natural Insight enables workers to focus on what truly matters, building personalized relationships with consumers. By collecting and analyzing data on promotional rollouts, display and store conditions as well as customer engagement, Natural Insight helps brands build a competitive advantage, boost customer loyalty and increase sales. Moreover, through its photo-based visual verification, mapping and GPS-based location functions, the platform helps brands gain visibility into their retail execution and remote workforce to ensure consistency and a superior customer experience.

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