Spafax help British Airways celebrate its centenary with BrewDog partnership

Global entertainment and media agency Spafax has brought together Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog, and British Airways to deliver a unique customer experience that celebrates the airline’s Centenary.

During its milestone year, British Airways wanted to release a series of ‘centenary edition’ products and partnered with Spafax to help them develop partnerships that would harmonise with its vision of modern Britain and reflect the British Airways brand.

Charles Vine, head of brand alliances at Spafax, said: “Our brand alliance between British Airways and a trailblazing, irreverent British brand such as BrewDog delivers a customer experience that is all about service enhancement, playfulness and discovery rather than traditional marketing. For BrewDog, it has also created the ultimate sampling environment – taste the ale, watch how it’s made!”

To kick off the marketing campaign for British Airways (BA), BrewDog created a custom beer for BA customers, named Speedbird 100, after the airline’s call sign. The recipe for the bespoke IPA was specifically crafted to be consumed in the air and adapt to the reduction in taste and smell sensitivity at high altitudes.

Hamish McVey, British Airways’ head of brand and marketing, said: “We are hugely excited to have partnered with BrewDog, another British brand that is committed to bringing the best of Britain to the world. Alongside our £6.5 billion investment programme we want to work with industry leaders to ensure travelling with British Airways is an unforgettable experience, so this partnership is a fantastic union.”

Gordon Buchanan, international markets manager at BrewDog, said: “British Airways offer a brand visibility of the highest calibre and it’s an honour and delight for us to partner with them for their Centenary to offer their passengers something truly unique and memorable.”

A Journey on British Airways, In the Company of BrewDog

To amplify the partnership between British Airways and BrewDog, Spafax developed a brand experience designed to reach BA customers at multiple touch points. In addition to experiencing the custom-made brew onboard all BA flights, plus a selection in the BrewDog craft beer bar at the JFK lounge, passengers can engage with the BrewDog brand via the airline’s in-flight entertainment, which will feature a BrewDog TV channel from July. New episodes will be added monthly, including a feature on the world’s first in-flight brew and the ‘making of Speedbird 100.’

Gordon Buchanan added: “The vision was to offer BA’s passengers a host of touch points at which to enjoy the BrewDog brand and Spafax’s expertise in engaging and entertaining airline passengers throughout the journey was integral to achieving this.”

Starting May 1, Speedbird 100 will be served to British Airways customers in its Centenary year, both in the air and on the ground.

British Airways will be releasing a series of ‘centenary editions’ in partnership with British brands during its milestone year, including a limited-edition travel-sized Marmite jar that customers can take in their carry-on.

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